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2017 CrossFit Open Preparation

The 2017 CrossFit Open is just around the corner. For those of you that have already participated in the Open, that means that now is the time to start gearing your training towards the Open. For those of you that have never participated and want to find out more, check out our article here.
Our programming has already taken a turn towards the Open. Check out our last blog post for more information.

Competitors Class
We are launching a CrossFit competitor class starting on Thursday 19th January at 19:00 in the Lab. This will be a 90 minute class for those who are serious about competing in CrossFit. These classes will be available to reserve via Wodify and are limited to 9 spots.
Titouan will be running these classes. If you are not sure whether or not this class is for you, please drop him an email.

Upcoming seminars
For those of you that want to take things a step further, we are hosting a seminar on the 21st and 22nd of January at CrossFit GVA 1227. This seminar will be run by Guillaume Guillou and Celia Gabbiani of We Are Athletic.
There are still limited places available. Contact Geneva Fitness Games for more information.

On Saturday 28th January at 16:00, Tristan will be hosting a free 90-minute seminar for CrossFit GVA members.
The seminar will focus on helping you to get a deeper understanding of your fitness. You may know that you need to work on bodyweight movements or your barbell game needs sharpening. This seminar will go into even more detail.
You will have the opportunity to do a series of tests which will give you detailed on information on areas of weakness and strength.
Once you have identified weaknesses, Tristan will discuss how you can adjust your training to prioritise and improve any holes in your game.
This seminar will be a fantastic opportunity to take a deeper dive into your fitness. We have 12 places available and sign up is available right now on Wodify.


Rue de Lyon 27, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland
email: info@crossfitgva.com
phone: 079 304 5056