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Barbell Etiquette

Maybe it is the British in me but I am a stickler for etiquette and politeness. I know how to queue properly (if only everyone else did..) and I like to hold doors open for people. If I bump into a stranger I automatically apologise, even if it is the other person’s fault.

I also know my gym etiquette. You don’t curl in the squat rack and never walk in front of people when they are about to lift. I know you might need to grab that 2.5kg plate near the platform, but if somebody is attempting a max clean and jerk, you can wait a couple of minutes.

Barbell etiquette is something with which everybody should be familiar. We have good quality bars and plates at CrossFit GVA and we want to keep them in good shape. If you take care of the equipment, the equipment will take care of you.

Not sure of your barbell etiquette? Here are the basics.

In general bars and bumper plates are NOT built for constant dropping from overhead. 5 and 10kg bumper plates should not be dropped at all. However, they can be dropped in case of emergency and with very heavy or maximal attempts.

Drop bars during workouts only in case of emergency. If you are unable to lower a bar under control during a workout then the load is too heavy for you.

If you drop a bar, guide it to the floor. Don’t just drop it from the shoulders or overhead.

Load bars with the biggest plates possible. Don’t use 4x5kg plates on the bar, take a 20kg!

Load the biggest plates on the inside, never on the outside. There is no surer way to break a bar than if you load 5kg bumpers on the inside, and 10kg or heavier metal plates on the outside. Please do not do this!

Don’t mix metal and bumper plates. The only exception for this are plates of 2.5kgs or less.


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