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Benchmark Wednesday

Hopefully you have all noticed by now that we have been programming benchmark workouts every Wednesday over the past 4 weeks.
A benchmark workout is a workout which should be regularly repeated in order to test progress. Some classic CrossFit benchmark workouts are Fran, Cindy and Annie (click here for a full list). These benchmarks are a great way to assess and compare your current fitness levels with other people across the CrossFit world.
We are using some classic CrossFit benchmark workouts in our current testing period. However, we are also combining them with our own CrossFit GVA workouts.
In the last month we have performed the following benchmarks:

Nicole, Tabata Torture, The Chief, 100 burpees for time.

We will be repeating these workouts every Wednesday over the next 8 weeks. That means that you will have the opportunity to repeat them 3 times in a 3-month period in order to test progress.
Before each benchmark, we are going to provide you all with specific targets. Each benchmark will be divided into 3 levels. These levels are rough guides to show the difference between beginner, intermediate and advanced.
As well as the benchmark metcons, we will also be performing some other fitness tests in order to gauge progress. These will consist of different strength movements such as maximal effort lifts, but will also involve some short conditioning tests such as a 500m row as well as proficiency in gymnastics movements like handstands, pull-ups, muscle-ups etc.
This Wednesday we will be performing the following assessments. Under each test you will find the performance required to reach the 3 levels.

1RM clean
Level 1 – 2/3 bodyweight
Level 2 – bodyweight
Level 3 – 1.25 bodyweight or higher

Level 1 – 5 seconds
Level 2 – 30 seconds
Level 3 – 45 seconds

Level 1 – 5 rounds plus 25 reps (average of 5 pull ups per set)
Level 2 – 6 rounds plus 72 reps (average of 12 pull ups per set)
Level 3 – 7 rounds plus 140 reps (average of 20 pull ups per set)

A word on levels
Please note that levels are divided by training time and certain competencies. Please don’t get too hung up on the names. For example, beginner does not mean somebody who has just started CrossFit. In order to reach the beginner level, this will require a few months of training at a minimum.
Many of you will fall in between categories. Not only this, you may be a beginner in one movement and intermediate in others. This is entirely normal!
Don’t worry too much on which category you reach. The main goal is to use these levels as progress guides for you. Ultimately we all train for ourselves and the goal should be continually to make progress and find and work on your weaknesses.


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