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CrossFit GVA April Athlete of the Month

It is time again to reward our athlete of the month. It can be very hard to choose to pick one winner each month, but this month we had a unanimous decision on who to reward.

Aurelie has been training at CrossFit GVA for 1 year. Despite having a limited background in fitness and struggling with a couple of injuries, Aurelie has exemplified everything we look for in our athletes. Attentive, diligent and friendly, Aurelie has been a valued member of our community since joining CrossFit GVA. Even more importantly, she has made a huge amount of progress in a short time.

Congratulations to Aurelie and we hope to accompany you over many more PRs in the coming months and years!

Where are you from?
I am from Geneva :-)

What is your occupation?
I work as an IT Support Specialist at Electronic Arts

How did you discover CrossFit?
A former colleague (Mark Rimmer) who trains at the box convinced me to come and try because I was looking for something that would challenge me.

What sort of fitness/sports were you doing before?
I played volleyball for 10 years.

Do you remember your first CrossFit workout? How was it?
I remember it very well! I never thought I would finish! The most difficult thing that day were the thrusters. I couldn’t event do them with an empty women’s bar. Daniel had me do them with the wooden stick!

What is your favourite workout?
I like everything (expect running, I have to admit)

What is your favourite exercise?
There are loads which I really like! But most of all, back squats, sit ups and kettlebell swings

What weaknesses are you working on right now?
Double unders: I would really love to be able to do them!
Running speed (I am really too slow)
And anything generally cardio related

What are your goals for 2016?
I would like to string together double unders, get pull ups and improve my running speed!

What achievement are you most proud of?
Number one, my fat loss! In one year I have lost 10kgs and lots of centimetres, thanks to the training and what I learned about nutrition in the fat loss challenge in February.
In terms of training everything that has helped me to increase my strength.

What are your PRs in the following:
Back squat : 73kg
Deadlift : 80kg
Clean : 50 kg (power clean)
Fran : 7:21
Cindy : 12 + 10 reps (ring rows scaled)
Shoulder Press : 36 kg

Thanks to all the coaches who know how to push us further, even when we want to quit  :-) . And a notable thank you to the team of girls in the Lab who have really contributed to my results and motivation (they love to load my bar up and make me row faster!)


Rue de Lyon 27, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland
email: info@crossfitgva.com
phone: 079 304 5056