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CrossFit GVA Programming – Part 2

In part 1 we talked about the history of our programming and its evolution. Since Tristan took over the programming earlier this year, he has made the following key changes.
A Periodised approach
Periodisation is a way to break up training into different blocks with different goals. CrossFit is a complex sport and requires proficiency in many different areas. If you want to be good at CrossFit  you need to move well and have good flexibility, you need to be strong, you need to be proficient in weightlifting and gymnastics, you need to be able to produce high power outputs for short periods (1-2 minutes) as well as perform continuously for longer efforts (40-60 minutes).
It is very difficult to improve on all these things at once. It would be a bit like trying to learn 5 languages at the same time. Pretty tough.
Periodisation allows us to break up the year into different training cycles with a specific focus. For example for 2 months we might emphasis gymnastics movements and really try to improve on them. We would still do weightlifting and other movements, but just to try to maintain them rather than improve.
Shorter Training Blocks
In the past we had very simple 4 week training blocks. Each day we had 1 strength or skill movement which we would repeat for 4 weeks. So if we squatted on Monday, everyone knew that the same movement would come up every Monday for the next 4 weeks.
We still have the same training block approach, although it is divided a bit differently. Currently we work on a 2 week, instead of a weekly cycle. In addition, the days rotate from week to week. That means that instead of the squat coming every Monday, we squat once every 2 weeks, but on different days.


Rue de Lyon 27, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland
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phone: 079 304 5056