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CrossFit GVA Programming – Part 3

Optimised use of time

The current class structure allows us to maximise the use of our allotted hour. Once you do a warm up and mobility work, 1 hour can go pretty fast. A common issue in the past we faced was that the classes moved a bit too slowly.
In the new program we want to get as much out of the hour as possible. That is why we are employing more EMOMs and similar protocols to simply get more done.
An individualised option
We recognise that our members have varying gaols. Some want to compete in CrossFit while others just want to improve their fitness for themselves.
That is why the fitness, performance and competition options were introduced.
Fitness is aimed towards those who just want to get stronger, fitter, faster and have more endurance but without any specific goals.
Performance is for those who have a better idea of what they want to improve on and would like to test their fitness at some level, whether that be the CrossFit Open or in our of our own competitions. The performance program is where ultimately we would like to see people graduate towards.
The competition level is aimed at those who want to seriously compete in CrossFit. The demands of this program are accordingly much higher.
The goal of these different programs is to allow people to work towards their own current abilities and objectives. It is not a perfect system and it is clear that people will not neatly fit into one section. Instead it is meant as a guideline to allow each athlete to optimise their workout and identify areas for improvement.
An evolving process
The basic goals of our program remain the same. We want get better at “high intensity movements across broad time and modal domains”, which is the very definition of CrossFit. We also want to have consistent exposure to similar movements on a progressive basis. That still means working on a movement (like the squat) over a training cycle and trying to improve by either adding more weight, more reps or more sets. That is the foundation of improving fitness levels.
A couple of years ago we decided to invest in Wodify to offer a better tracking system for our members. Before Wodify, we left it up to individual members to record their own workouts. Some did and some didn’t.
Regardless of levels and goals, everyone should record their training sessions as this is vital to progress. Wodify gave our members an easy solution to workout tracking, while at the same time it gave us coaches lots of data to work with.
There is no question that based on the data, and a simple eye test, we have seen a massive improvement in performance in the past 6 years and our programming has evolved as a result.
This is a continual process and you can expect more changes in 2018. These changes will be based on the experience of our coaches, but also the feedback of our athletes. We have plenty of plans in the pipe, but we need your input to make sure we can provide solutions to everyone’s health and fitness goals. To that end we will be putting out a member survey next week. Please make sure you fill it out and let us know what you think.


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