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CrossFit GVA State of the Union 2017

On Friday July 1st 2011, CrossFit GVA opened its doors for the first time.

Like many of our original members, I have very clear memories of those early days. We had a tiny space with no toilets or changing facilities, a tiled floor which was not at all suitable for lifting weights and some basic equipment like barbells, kettlebells and a small rig.

Before CrossFit GVA I had a very well paid, soul destroying job and I was desperate to follow my passion of immersing myself in the world of physical culture. I felt that all the options out there as a customer were pretty crappy and despite my lack of education or experience, I was sure I could do a better job.

In fact I opened CrossFit GVA for several reasons. I was extremely frustrated with the fitness facilities offered in Geneva. I wanted a gym with knowledgeable, like-minded people, good equipment featuring primarily free weights, open space, proper opening hours (early mornings and weekend), flexible contracts that didn’t tie me in for years with no out and a no bullshit atmosphere conducive to getting fit and strong.

As we approach our 5th year anniversary, nothing has really changed. Except of course, everything has changed.

When I first came across CrossFit in 2006 it had already been going for a couple of years. But it was a really niche, underground activity that few people knew about. In the past 10 years CrossFit has exploded and evolved, and nowhere is that more evident that at the CrossFit Games.

Go back and watch some of the footage from the Games in 07, 08 and 09. There are some really great documentaries in YouTube. It was raw and exciting. But looking back on it now, the level of performance was sketchy at best. With a couple of notable exceptions, the guys that qualified for the Games in those years would barely make Regionals now. Every single year the talent pool grows deeper and the athletes get better.

We are seeing a microcosm of this on our level too. I remember very well the 2012 CrossFit Open where we had about 15 people compete (this year it was 130). One of the workouts featured muscle-ups and we didn’t have anyone at the gym who could do 1 muscle up. Another had snatches at 60kgs. I distinctly remember a certain Daniel Alba trying to snatch a “massive” 60kgs and maybe hitting 1 rep out of every 5.

The point is that things have evolved, and we need to evolve too.

We have gone from a 120m with less than 100 members to 2 gyms of 500m2 with 500 members. Muscle-ups and 60kg snatches are no longer a rarity. We have athletes who have progressed to the point where a regular WOD is no longer enough and we have other members who just want to come in a bit and sweat.

Nothing has changed in my core vision for CrossFit GVA. I still want it to be a place where athletes with different levels and objectives come in and get proper instruction from great coaches. Most importantly I want people to progress their fitness regardless of current abilities.

What will change in future is how we deliver that vision. A collective WOD for everyone is no longer enough. We need to do more and we need to do better.

We are going to be making some changes going forwards to both improve and diversify our services. We would like you to participate in that process so at some point we will be asking for more details on what you want from us.

The first step is that we have hired Tristan as a full time head coach. As of this month Tristan is in charge of the day to day running of CrossFit GVA. Tristan has been a huge asset to CrossFit GVA since he started out as intern 2 years ago. We are thrilled that he is no on board in a full time capacity.

Many of you will have already seen some of the changes Tristan has already made in the layout of CrossFit GVA. He is going to take over the lead in our programming and that will be the second step in our evolution as we are going to be making big changes as of July.

Our programming will always be based on the core CrossFit philosophy over “constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity”. However, we are going to start programming for the long term development of our athletes. The programming will be designed with certain fixed events in mind, the main one being the CrossFit Open.

However, we will also be incorporating regular testing periods based on competencies in weightlifting, gymnastics, mobility and benchmark metcons.

Our daily program will be split into 3 levels based on your scores in the test protocols.

In the second stage of our evolution, we will be adding in more speciality classes to our program such as competitor classes weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics and mobility.

We also want to offer a cost-effective solution for those of you who want to have individual goals such as getting a pull up or improving double-unders or whatever it may be you are chasing.

We will give you the opportunity to book some time with a coach, either on a one-on-one or small group basis, to get some technique pointers and give you a plan to get closer to your goals.

I know I speak on behalf of all our coaches when I say that our primary motivation is to help you reach your goals. The reason we all got into coaching was to spread our passion for fitness and help our people get stronger, faster and fitter. That has to be a two-way relationship and as such we are always open to communication as to what you want. Please don’t hesitate to send me an email at jon@crossfitgva.com or grab me in the gym if you have any ideas or feedback.


Rue de Lyon 27, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland
email: info@crossfitgva.com
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