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CrossFit GVA Updated Programming

With the Open over, it is time to change gears and look on how to prepare for the Open next year.

At CrossFit GVA, our training during the Open has been lighter with less intensity in order to prepare the body as best possible for the Open showdowns during the weekend.

This week from the 28th of March to the 3rd of April will mark a transition week towards our new cycle that will go from the 4th of April up until the 1st of May.

The transition week is all about preparing for our next cycle. During the next couple of days, we will focus on collecting some strength and conditioning data.

For strength, we will look for: 1RM back squat, 1 RM front squat, 1 RM strict press, 1 RM power clean and 1 RM power snatch. As for conditioning, we will test the benchmark “Fran” and “Cindy”.

It will be extremely important for you to record your results in the most detailed manner that you possibly can, in order to track progress and make sure you are reaping the benefits of this cycle as much as possible.

As for the new strength cycle that will start next Monday, it will be structured in the following way:


Strength – Back Squat with low volume but high intensity.

This basically means that you will be squatting heavy weights for a relatively low number of reps. The goal will be to build maximal strength and making sure your body and nervous system is ready to handle heavy weights more often.
However, we will need to keep our training varied so we will be performing some pause work too. Again, this goes towards the direction of building some raw strength.

Conditioning – medium duration workouts. These will vary in the 10-12 minute range.


Long workout days. You guys love these workouts, so we will keep them as part of our cycle. However, they will move to Tuesday in order for the rest of the cycle to follow along nicely.
These will be structured in 3 different parts, and will be composed of all conditioning pieces or some strength parts as well. So be prepared to be efficient under fatigue!


Strength – Upper body strength day, varying in intensity and volume.

We will be performing movements such as the strict press, push press or push jerk. But we will focus more on the two first ones. The volume will vary in sets of 5’s, 3’s or singles.
It is always good to build strength in the strict movements, whilst working on technique on the other movements. Expect these to be tough.

Conditioning – short duration / interval work. The short duration pieces will last up to 8 minutes.


Strength – Front Squat with low volume and high intensity.

Same as Monday, keeping the weight high but the number of reps relatively low. Adding in some pause work will also help you get out of that hole when you finally manage to get under a heavy clean!

Conditioning – medium duration, varying between 10 to 15 minutes.


Strength – Olympic lifting

Our Olympic lifting day will stick to the basics of the snatch and clean and jerk. This means that we will be keeping the complexes fairly rare, and put more focus on performing cleans and snatches in different rep schemes and weights.
We will also focus on some position work and some holds to put emphasis on position and building some awareness.

Conditioning – short duration piece that will vary between 8 and 10 minutes.


Strength – Deadlift with moderate volume and intensity

Saturdays will be our heavy pulling day consisting mainly of sets of 5’s and 3’s. These will not be “touch and go” reps, but will take a couple of seconds to set-up properly before going into the next repetition.

Conditioning – medium / long duration – mainly in teams of 2


Strength – Accessory work

Accessory work is an important part of training, as it polishes the overall program and rounds it off well. These will be mainly composed of unilateral work and some core work too.

Conditioning – medium duration, between 12 to 15 minutes mainly in teams of 2.

I hope this short text has given you a good insight into what awaits you in the next couple of weeks. Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask your coaches and they will be happy to help you understand whatever it is you need to know!
It is a great time of the year, work hard with a goal in mind… fresh start and eyes on the Open 2017!


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