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CrossFit Open – Week 2

It is week 2 of the CrossFit Open.  We had an outstanding first week of the competition at CrossFit GVA. 112 athletes signed up and a fantastic atmosphere at each session.
Congratulations for those of you who did your first ever CrossFit Open workout. Hopefully this experience will make 16.2 a little easier, although no matter how many times you compete, you will always be nervous going into each workout.
So what have we learned from week 1 and what can we take going forward? Here are a few ideas which you can implement to maximise your performance over the next 4 weeks.


Hopefully 16.1 was a lesson in the importance of having a strategy. Those of you that started off at a very high pace found yourselves quickly struggling with 2/3 of the workout to go. We saw lots of people complete their first round in under 2 minutes and the next rounds in well over 5 minutes, which is clearly not an optimal strategy.
Those that performed well on this workout went out a steady, sustainable pace and managed to stay close to that pace for the entire 20 minutes.
It can be difficult to figure out how to approach a workout to get maximum results. Starting out at 100% and trying to hold on is almost always a poor approach. If you are not sure of how you should take on a workout, talk to one of your coaches and get advice.


Ideally you want to go into 16.2 as fresh as possible. Get as much sleep as you can the night before and make sure you are hydrated.
A good approach to your warm up is to practice the movements in the workout and address any technical or mobility deficiencies you may have.
16.1 was very challenging for the shoulders. Some of our stronger athletes struggled due to poor mobility in the shoulders and as a result, poor overhead position. If overhead position is a weakness for you, you need to hammer this beforehand and prepare as well as you can.
Mobility and good position will be vital in every workout. If you are not sure where to put your focus in preparing for 16.2, ask a coach!

Scaled or RX?

Many of you will fall in between categories. Those of you that are good at bodyweight movements, but struggle with the barbell found yourselves in that situation with 16.1. 8 unbroken chest to bar pull ups? No problem! 8 over the bar burpees in under 30 seconds? All day long! 8-12 overhead lunges with 43kgs? Not so much…
The question for you guys will always be is it better to go RX and post a reduced score or do the workout scaled and post a high score? There is no right or wrong answer to this question and each individual needs to decide for themselves. As a general rule, there is nothing wrong with giving RX a go and posting a low score. However, it is probably best to avoid failing altogether on a certain movement.

Have fun!

We all get nervous during the Open, particularly in the time running up to actually doing the workout. That’s absolutely normal and an important part of competing.
Try not to put yourself under too much pressure though. Although the Open is an individual competition, it’s a great experience doing each workout together with friends in a supportive atmosphere. Enjoy the process, give it your best shot and have fun!


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