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Fat Loss Challenge

The latest CrossFit GVA Fat Loss Challenge is now set to start on Monday 26th September.
We are excited to launch our latest edition of the challenge. The challenge has evolved over the past 5 editions, but this latest version will see our biggest changes yet.
The goal of our fat loss challenge remains the same and is based on two principles. The first is that we want to teach the participants the basics of proper nutrition pertaining to fat loss. These basics are not based on any fad diets, food elimination or special tricks. They are based simply on the scientific literature around how to change body composition.
The second principle is implementing proper strategies to stick to a nutrition plan. It is one thing to know what to do, it is another to actually do it. This is where we use the group dynamic to help the participants stick to the program. This is no different to what we do in our CrossFit classes. We all know how much easier it is to train and suffer with other people than alone. Accountability is vital to success.
In the past we have seen great success with the fat loss challenge. However, where we felt we could improve was to provide the participants with strategies to keep things going after the 5 weeks has ended. Any fat loss plan needs to be sustainable. Anyone can eliminate a bunch of foods for a short period of time, but what happens after?
In our latest version of the fat loss challenge, each participant will individualise their own nutrition to fit their goals. Does this make it easier? No, absolutely not! All of the participants in this challenge will be required to actively participate in this course on a daily basis.
The challenge will start on Monday 26th September and costs CHF 150. Please send us an email if you would like to participate.
Please note that this edition of the fat loss challenge will be in English only. Future editions will be in French.


Do we need to come to regular meetings as part of this course?
No, this course will be run primarily online via a private Facebook group. Each participant will need to come to the gym at the beginning and end of the course to be weighed and measured.

Will we be given meal plans?
No. Each participant will be given guidelines for nutrition. It will then be up to the participants to decide what they eat based on these guidelines.

Will there be any special training plan?
No. If you are training at CrossFit GVA that will be more than enough.

What if I am have any dietary restrictions (vegan, lactose intolerance etc)?
No problem. You can still implement the guidelines regardless of any dietary restrictions.

What if I don’t have a Facebook account?
Create one! It does not need to be real, but we use a private Facebook group to run the challenge so you need an account to participate.


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