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CrossFit GVA 17.1 Results

17.1 is in the bag and most of us have the flayed skin on our thumbs and low back pain to prove it! Congratulations to all those who took on this workout. For those of you who have never done the Open, get used to that feeling of nervousness and butterflies before the workout. It probably won’t change no matter how many times you compete!
The general consensus was that 17.1 was one of the harder CrossFit Open workouts in recent memory. Dumbbells were introduced for the first time and the combination of snatches and burpee box jumps was challenging to say the least.
The ascending sets in the snatch was particularly tough mentally. It was easy to feel that you had broken the back of this workout by the time you got to the set of 40 snatches. The reality was that this was not even the halfway point of the workout!
So how did we do at CrossFit GVA? First up if you participated give yourself a pat on the back. It takes a lot of mental fortitude just to sign up and compete and not everyone is able to do it.
IF you didn’t finish the workout, that puts you in the same boat as about 50% of people worldwide and many people got timecapped in this workout.
We did have some notable performances at CrossFit GVA, so big shout out to the following athletes who posted very impressive scores.
Starting out with the women, Asa posted a time of 19:06 RX which put her in 122nd place in Europe in her age category and 3rd place in Switzerland.
Sticking with the veterans, Eddie finished 17.1 in 17:49, good for 98th place in Europe and 3rd in Switzerland in the 55-59 masters category.
Dropping down to the (relative) youngsters, Daniel Gonzalez completed 17.1 in 16:46 which put him in 247th place in Europe in the Masters 40-44 age group and 5th place in Switzerland.
This year sees the introduction of the 35-39 age group for the first time. Sam and Anne-Katrin both put up great performances in this age group with times of 16:25 and 17:03 respectively. This puts Sam in position 259 in Europe and 9 in Switzerland, while Anne-Katrin is sitting in position 338 in Europe and 11 in Switzerland.
On the men’s side Panos and Benoit also made waves in the 35-39 age group. Benoit is currently in 252nd position in Europe and 5th in Switzerland with a score of 15:15. Panos finished this workout in 16:58, good for 27th place in Switzerland.
For the first time ever we have a competitor in the teen division. Shout out to Michael who is competing in the 14-15 age group and is currently in 6th place in Europe.
Last, but not least, the CrossFit GVA stalwarts put up some great scores. It will be no surprise to our members that Sophie is leading the way on the women’s front with a score of 14:13. That puts her in position 532 in Europe and 16th in Switzerland.
Chris led the way for the guys with a very impressive time of 12:28. He is in position 289 in Europe and 6th in Switzerland.
Finally Titouan with a score of 13:04 and Tristan with a score of 14:00 also put up strong showings and that puts them in positions 11 and 28 respectively in Switzerland.
Congrats again to all that took part in 17.1. Bring on 17.2!


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