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New Classes for 2018

We ended 2017 with a member survey to find out exactly what we are doing well, what we do badly and what we can improve.

We got a lot of feedback and we are responding with some changes in 2018.

First up will be our class offering. A very common request in the survey was ‘can we please have more speciality classes’.

As a result we are introducing several new regular classes to our calendar.

Please stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks, but in the meantime here is an overview of our new classes starting as of Monday January 8th

CrossFit 101

CrossFit 101 will replace our old Debutant class. In the past we ran this class with the same program as regular classes. As of this year, CrossFit 101 will have its own separate program with a focus on working on and improving basic CrossFit skills.

It will follow our main philosophy of working on strength and/or skill followed by a metcon.

This class is a great option for those athletes who are new to CrossFit and need a bridge into the regular program, or those people who need to work on more basic skills.

CrossFit Skills
CrossFit skills will provide an opportunity to work on the classic movements which hold people back during WODs and can be very frustrating. Double-unders, wall balls, barbell movements like thrusters and shoulder to overhead, kettlebell snatches, rowing etc..

If you struggle with any of these movements then the skills class will be a fantastic addition to your training week to get in some extra work and help you towards reaching your training goals.

Barbell Club
Barbell club will be a mix of good old fashioned exercises designed to put on strength and size as well as a focus on improving Olympic weightlifting.

The conditioning class will be for those of you that either love the aerobic component of CrossFit or those of you that feel that conditioning holds you back and need some extra practice.

This class will consist of classic CrossFit metcon work so prepare to get uncomfortable and breathe heavily for 60 minutes!

The gymnastics class will continue as in the old schedule but we are adding in a second class.

Mobility will be a big part of the new plan. We are working on installing mobility areas in the rue de Lyon and 1227.

We will provide more info on this in the coming days, but we will be providing plenty of opportunities to work on mobility in our new schedule.


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