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Programming update

Another 4 weeks has gone and we are into a new strength cycle at CrossFit GVA.

A lot of thought goes into how we program our workouts at CrossFit GVA.

Our number one priority is to help you, our members, measurably improve your fitness levels. But at the same time we want to make the workouts challenging and fun as well as keeping everyone safe and injury free. And last but not least, we have to program our metcons within our space and equipment limitations.

The cycle for the next month is as follows:

Monday - Long WOD. This has become a staple in our program in the last few months as for some reason we all love the pain and misery of a 45 minute AMRAP!

Tuesday – Front squat. Squatting is the foundation of any fitness program and we always include a squat variation in our strength work. This month we are focusing on the front squat.

Wednesday – Kettlebell bottoms up press and front leaning rest. These movements are new ones for us. We do a lot of bilateral (i.e. with 2 arms or legs) work and it is good to balance this out with some unilateral (i.e. 1 arm) work. The bottoms up press is a fantastic movement to develop grip and pressing strength and to iron out any imbalances from right to left. It is also a slightly easier movement to perform if you have tight shoulders.

The front leaning rest is similar to the plank but a little more challenging. The toes are flat on the ground which ensures that the hips must be engaged in the movement. Think of it like a hollow rock but on your hands and feet rather than the back. Here is a video demo of the movement.

Thursday – Gymnastics work, toes to bar, double unders and strict pull ups. We want to keep our gymnastics skills going in the from of some every minute on the minute work. This month we are working on toes to bar, double under and strict pull or chin ups.

Friday – Clean and jerk. Weightlifting is hard. It is by far the most technical of any of our barbell strength work. We want to keep our work constantly varied as per the CrossFit prescription, however, we also need consistent exposure to the same movements if we want to improve. We saw some good progress in the jerk in the last 4 week so we are keeping it in the rotation for another month to hopefully build on that progress.

There is no such thing as the perfect training program. You will get out of it what you put in. Please make sure to listen to your coaches when it comes to technique. If they tell you to reduce the weight it is not as a punishment, it is to allow you to move better and perfect technique, which will then allow you to add weight the bar and make more consistent progress.

The start of the cycle should be challenging but with a bit of room in the tank and no failed reps. Make sure to record all your work and give yourself room to grow. By the end of the month everyone should be recording PRs!

As a final note, the programming does not preclude you from doing your own work. If you want to get a first muscle up, improve your kipping pull ups or work on your mobility then you have to put in the time and practice. If you have a movement that is a priority to you then prioritise it.

The worst strategy to get better is to wait for it to come up in a WOD and hope it goes well!

Turn up to training 15 minutes early and practice while you are fresh. Don’t wait until after a metcon when you are fatigued. Everyone wants to have magical results from a technique change or special progression. The most “magical” results we usually see is from hard and consistent work. 15 minutes of practice 3 times per week for 3 months turns into a lot of extra work and almost always “magical” results.


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