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Seminar Mindset and Strategy 1st March

The CrossFit Open is a fantastic test of fitness. It is your chance to find out if your training is going in the right direction and you are making progress.
However, like any sport, the competitive CrossFit is about more than just your ability to push yourself physically push yourself.
Mindset and strategy are absolutely crucial. We all know that feeling that we get before a hard workout. Those butterflies in the stomach and the desire to go to the bathroom again just one more time before the countdown! You can take that nervousness before a regular class and multiply it by 10 when it comes to the Open.
Sophie is going to be running a special free seminar on the 1st March at 19:30 at CrossFit GVA to discuss how to prepare for competition.
Many people defeat themselves before the start of a workout through a lack of mental preparation. Fear of a workout can become overwhelming and seriously affect performance.
On the flipside, you can harness those feelings and adrenaline to boost performance, as long as you have a solid plan. This is where strategy comes in. Lots of athletes either have no plan as to how to attack or workout, or have a plan and then in the bloodrush of “3,2,1 GO” throw everything out of the window! We all know how hard it can be to think rationally in the midst of a tough workout. Most of us are simply hanging on for survival, rather than planning how to hit the next set of pull-ups!
As an experienced competitor, Sophie knows and understand mindset and strategy. The seminar will go through some ideas of how you can mentally prepare for workouts and set up a plan of action, regardless of your abilities.
Sign up for this seminar will open on the 22nd February via Wodify.


Rue de Lyon 27, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland
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