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Test Day

Test day is upon us again and this week we are revisiting the past with a classic CrossFit Open workout.

In 2012 week 3 of the Open was the following WOD:

As many rounds as possible in 18 minutes of:
15 box jumps 50/40cm
12 push press 50/35kgs
9 toes to bar

In 2012, the top score in the Open for women was by Kirsten Clever who hit 540 reps (15 rounds), while in the men’s competition Rich Froning scored 531 reps (14 rounds plus 27 reps).
There were just over 28,000 male competitors for the men and 16,500 for the women.
Women scores

Top 75% = 4 rounds + 16 reps
Top 50% = 5 rounds + 32 reps
Top 25% = 7 rounds + 14 reps

Men scores
Top 75% = 5 rounds + 20 reps
Top 50% = 6 rounds + 24 reps
Top 25% = 7 rounds + 35 reps

Unlike now, in 2012 there was no scaled option for the Open.
We are going to change that and provide a scaling option for this workout.
The question is how do you know if you should scale? You should probably scale if the following criteria applies to you:
You cannot complete at least 12 unbroken reps of the push press at 50/35kgs.
You cannot complete 5 unbroken toes to bar
If that is the case you can scale the box jumps to step ups, the push press to a weight you can control for at least 15 reps and the toes to bar to knee raises.
If you fall into the category where you can do some reps at the RX weight of the push press and some toes to bar, you can also go for an RX score. However, you should do this with the goal in mind of getting a top 75% score.

WOD strategy
The key movement in this workout to get a good score will be efficiency in the toes to bar.
The box jumps will be tough, but completing multiple reps will be mental more than physical. As long as you can grind through these they should not be a problem.
Please note that rebounding on and off the box is only a good strategy if you are planning to get a score of at least 10 rounds (360 reps). A jump up, step down approach will save you energy and also limit injury risk. Multiple reps of rebounding box jumps is a good way to tear an Achilles tendon…
Efficiency in the push press will be very important. Utilising a push jerk is the best option here and the ability to keep a vertical torso, use the legs properly and string reps together is vital.
The toes to bar will be the bottleneck for this workout. A good approach will be to break these up as much as possible. You may be able to get the first couple of rounds unbroken, but after that these should be broken up into manageable chunks. At some point during this workout it is very likely that you will be doing singles in the toes to bar. You want to hold this off for as long as possible! It is far better to do continuous sets of 3s or even 2s, than be down to singles by round 3!
Missing toes to bar is not only exhausting but psychologically scarring. Don’t do it!

Pacing in this workout will be vital. At 18 minutes it is a marathon, not a sprint. A score of 5 rounds would mean 1 round every 3 minutes 30 seconds. As with most workouts, particularly the longer ones, there will be a difference between how long each round takes. Round one might take 1:30 and round three 2:30.
You want to limit too much variation between rounds. Don’t be the guy who smashes out round 1 in 50 seconds but round 3 takes 4 minutes!
As we can see there are multiple ways to approach this workout. Have a think about which approach fits in with your current fitness levels and goals and stick to it. If you are not sure, ask a coach!


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