• Rue de Lyon 27, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland

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The CrossFit Open at CrossFit GVA and CrossFit GVA 1227

For those who are already registered, please note that we are planning to run the vast majority of our Open sessions at CrossFit GVA 1227. We are planning to have official slots on Friday evening, Saturday morning, Sunday morning and Monday evening.

The reason for this is we can drop bars, play loud music and generally behave obnoxiously without neighbours calling the police!

Sign up for the Open will be via Wodify. We will try to be as flexible as possible with slots, but organising times and judges for 100+ people is not easy. If you book a slot please make sure you attend. You can practice the Open wods as much as you like, but we can only guarantee you one official attempt at each WOD with a judge.


Rue de Lyon 27, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland
email: info@crossfitgva.com
phone: 079 304 5056