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This Week at CrossFit GVA

Monday will be a conditioning day working on classic CrossFit movements like toes to bar, wall balls and kettlebell swings. We will also be spending some time on the rower working on technique.

Tuesday is going to be a gymnastics day with a focus on chest to bar pull ups and dips followed by a short but very intense metcon.

Its front squat time on Wednesday with the same rep scheme as our deadlift last week – 15,13,11,9,7 and 5. Make sure to bring your double under game as they WILL feature in the metcon!

Thursday is a barbell day with a focus on barbell cycling. That means working on higher rep cleans, jerks and snatches with a focus on fluidity and efficiency. This will be followed by heavy metcon featuring deadlifts.

We have some more gymnastics work on Friday, but this time its lower body and the pistol followed by a 15 minute metcon.

The cycle for CrossFit 101 over the next 4 weeks will be:
Monday – Back squat
Tuesday – Push Jerk
Wednesday – Long WOD
Thursday – Hang power clean
Friday – Thruster

Gymnastics classes will follow a 6 week program focused on the pull-up and handstand push up. There will be 2 levels of program, so regardless of whether you have some handstand push ups and pull ups, or still cannot do either movement, don’t worry! This class will give you a great opportunity to get in some focused work in this area for the next 6 weeks.

Our Strength athletics class on Monday will feature the log press and farmer’s walk.

Up this week for the CrossFit skills classes are rowing technique, wall balls and barbell cycling.

Barbell Club will be split as follows over the next few weeks:
Monday/Tuesday – Classic strength work with a hypertrophy (ie muscle building) focus. This will involve a big upper body or lower body movement followed by accessory work.
At the weekend the focus will switch to classic weightlifting.
Saturday will be dedicated to the clean and jerk.
The Sunday class will revolve around the snatch.


Rue de Lyon 27, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland
email: info@crossfitgva.com
phone: 079 304 5056