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This Week at CrossFit GVA

This week’s training digest is focusing on the upcoming training cycle.

The new training cycle starts on Monday January 8th and will run until the start of the CrossFit Open on Friday February 23rd. As always at the start of the year, our focus is going to switch to preparing for the CrossFit Open. And as always, we would encourage as many of you as possible to participate! Regardless of your fitness levels, the Open is a great way to test your fitness. If you can’t do it RX then go for the scaled option. Whether you go RX or scaled, the CrossFit Open will give you an extremely honest assessment of your overall fitness level.

If you are not planning on competing in the Open, don’t worry! This cycle will work just as well for you and any overall aims to improve your fitness across broad time and modal domains.

The focus of this training cycle will be on the movements that traditionally comes up in the CrossFit Open. That means working on improving efficiency in gymnastics movements which involve kipping, ie toes to bar, handstand push ups and pull-up variations (chest to bar, muscle ups). In terms of our monostructural movements, burpees, box jumps, rowing and double-unders always come up in the Open and we will be working on all of these elements.

Classic strength is vital for the open, particularly the deadlift so you can expect to see the deadlift as well as deadlift variations come up in the next few weeks. Weightlifting will also feature heavily. Not just the clean and snatch, but other barbell movements such as thrusters and shoulder to overhead. Rather than working with maximal weights, the Open requires work on barbell cycling. That means the ability to string lots of reps of one movement together smoothly and efficiently. Technique with the barbell needs to be on point for this to happen and this will be a big focus of the upcoming cycle.

Let’s not forget wall balls as a classic Open movement, and as of last year, dumbbell exercises like the snatch.

As of next week, this weekly email is moving to a new format. We will no longer send out the digest to all members automatically. It will be posted every Monday on our web site. However, if you wish to continue receiving the training digest via email, please sign up at http://eepurl.com/dglXtX.


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