Have you heard about CrossFit from fiends or colleagues and want to find out more? Come and take a free trial session with us to see if CrossFit is for you.
Many of our members discover CrossFit online and watch a few videos. This can make CrossFit seem very intimidating for somebody that just wants to get in shape.So what can you expect from a trial session and do you need a certain level of fitness to even start CrossFit?
First of all you don’t need any minimum level of fitness to try out or start. On the contrary, CrossFit is a fitness program and as such is designed to improve your fitness levels. That means that the program is infinitely adaptable for everybody, regardless of your current fitness level.

A free trial session is an introduction to CrossFit. You will need to bring your workout gear and you will move and sweat. However, the goal of this session is to give you a taste of CrossFit. You will get an experience of one of our regular classes in that you will be with a group and guided through the class by an experienced coach. However, you won’t be doing a full on session with complex movements or heavy weights.

We will teach you some basic CrossFit movements and put you through a simple fitness test which is adapted for your current fitness level. If you have a positive experience and want to give CrossFit a shot, we propose a 1 month trial membership.


The month kicks off with 2 special fundamental sessions where we will teach you the foundational movements of CrossFit. Once you have completed these two sessions, you can come along to as many classes as you like for 1 month, in either of our locations.


This model allows you to really try CrossFit with no obligation to continue. If you enjoy the month (and we are confident you will), we offer several different membership models to suit different needs.



You have heard about CROSSFIT and want to participate in a trial class.
To book your free class in our boxes :

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