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For those new to CrossFit, please try out our free trial session. Just click on the “Free Trial” tab in the calendar below to reserve in advance. Once you have done a free trial, you can take our fundamentals course. This is a weekend session which introduces new students to the principles and fundamental movements of CrossFit. Once you have finished the course, you can come to any class marked WOD, which simply stands for Workout of the Day.

If you want to get ahead of the game, or hone some specific technical skills then booking a personal training session or private group class will be the next step for you. Whatever the reason, feedback, additional personal training sessions, or a sporting team wanting a competitive edge then just Get In Touch and we’ll arrange it.

Out of town CrossFitters are more than welcome, we offer a drop in rate of 30chf per session and can agree other arrangements if staying longer. We look forward and welcome every CrossFitter wherever you are. Please email us and let us know when you’re coming.


Rue de Lyon 27, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland
email: info@crossfitgva.com
phone: 079 304 5056