New Level Method Classes

Our Level Method test groups have now finished going through the 15 assessments which make up the Level Method system. As of Monday 12th November, regular Level Method classes will be available for all our members and available for booking in Wodify.

Classes will take place at 18h on Mondays and Tuesdays at CrossFit GVA 1227.

At CrossFit GVA classes will be on Tuesday at 19:00 and Sunday at 12:00.

If you would like to sign up for a class, you can simply do so in Wodify. You will also find in Wodify which tests take place on each day.

We would highly recommend starting the Level Method testing process regardless of your CrossFit experience. The Level Method is not a test of fitness, it is as assessment.

The difference is that an assessment provides you with a comprehensive overview of where you are right now. Furthermore, and perhaps this is even more valuable, it allows you to develop a clear path to improving based on your current level.

If you have any questions about the Level Method please do not hesitate to ask one of our coaches. Please also see below a short interview with Anya, who is the first of our members to finish the Level Method-

How did you feel before starting the level method?

I was really eager to start the level method (Charlie explained it very well to us so I was, let’s say prepared for what I’m getting into) because I really wanted to find out what are my strengths and weaknesses.

Did you have any expectations on how you would test?

I kind of knew my upper body is not in a good form, my arms are way weaker than my legs so I expected a pretty “bad” results in push-up and pull-up tests.

Are you happy with your results?

I would say I am happy and very surprised with the results. There were a lot of tests I thought I’ll do way worse, but the results were better than expected.

I am glad I did the testing because it showed me that I am in fact in better shape than I thought I was and I discovered I’m good in rowing. I would say when you are mentally sure and aware of the things you are good at, you will perform them better in future as well with the weaknesses, you will try harder to get stronger.

What did you learn about your fitness?

As I expected, my upper body is not as strong as lower body even though I hade few surprises (first push-up 🙂 ), and in fact before the tests I was not so much into doing push-ups or similar workouts but now I would really like to get better and work on my weaknesses. I would also like to see how far can I go in rowing.

What was the hardest test or the one that you never want to repeat?

I used to love running before but with time I discovered that in fact my body does not like it (bad knees) so I would not repeat the running test, in fact I would rather do 40 burpees than running 400 m! 🙂