2K Row Challenge Tip 1

Our rowing challenge starts this Saturday. Places are available for booking via Wodify.

If you can’t make it you can still do the row instead of Friday’s metcon as a part of the regular class. Once you have a score that will allow you to train for the re-test on 28th July.
Claire McFarlane will be supplying us with several tips this week on how to maximise your 2K time. Here is the first.

You need a race strategy!
Rowing 2K is not like doing a 30 cal row at max speed. It’s really important to choose a race strategy and stick to it all the way. Why? Because if you start out too hard or too fast, you will hit a wall around the 1K mark and it’s really hard to come back from that. Here are two race strategies that work well rowers based on your experience.

1. Even Splits: you aren’t confident on the Concept II for a 2K and worried you might burn out. Pick your goal split per 500m and stick to it the whole way. How do you know your pace split? Get on the rowing machine this week and row 500m as hard as you can. Now add 10 seconds to that pace e.g. 500m —> 2:02 aim for 2:12 for the entire 2K. Don’t be tempted to row harder than this in the beginning. You are better off speeding up in the last 300m if you have energy left over. This is a very effective strategy for most rowers.

2. Negative Splits: You are a machine and confident you can handle a 2K. You will row the second half of the 2K faster than the first half and pull hard for a sprint in the last 250m. First 1K —> start with your threshold power for long distance (around 5K). Second half row at 5 to 10 seconds lower than your threshold e.g threshold = 2:00 aim for 1:50 to 1:55. Last 250m is a sprint and will be at the fastest pace you can maintain for about 30 strokes to the finish.

If you have any questions feel free to ask Claire this week. She will also be working on these stragegies in the 8-week program that starts on Tuesday 29 May.