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Dear members,


You have always been our best ambassadors. By referring CrossFit GVA to your friends or colleagues, you help us grow.


To thank you, you will be rewarded every time someone from you subscribes to a new 3, 6 or 12 month membership at the end of their fundamentals..



● Your friend signs up for a 3-month subscription = 1 hour of private coaching
● Your friend signs up for a 6-month subscription = 1 month freeon your next subscription.
● Your friend signs up for a 12-month subscription = 1 month free on your next subscription.


The advantages are cumulative. The more friends you refer, the more private coaching hours or free months you earn on your next subscription renewal


How to proceed

Please fill out the form below. Once your friends’ subscriptions are confirmed, you will receive a summary email.

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