Coach Evaluations

One of our primary goals as a gym is to provide all our members with the tools to improve their fitness levels. For the vast majority of us, training is fun and something that is an integral part of our lives. But its even more rewarding if you can continue to measurably improve. Nothing is better than hitting a PR in a lift or a workout that you have been training for.

Coaching is no different. All of our coaches are motivated by their passion for fitness and the desire to share that passion with others and help them on their journey. But like fitness, as coaches we all want to work on and improve our craft.

Part of that process is regularly assessing our performances during classes. We are in the middle of evaluations with all our coaches right now. We have a third party assessor who is attending classes and writing a report on each coach. The goal is to identify strengths and weaknesses so as coaches we can develop a plan on their areas where we can improve.

The next step for our assessor is to get member feedback. That means that in the coming days you might be approached by our assessor to get your opinions on the session you just attended. What you liked about it and what you didn’t like. Please take 5 minutes to answer any questions and be honest. Your feedback will help us get better!

Our coaches are aware that this evaluation process is underway and know the criteria being used for the assessment. However, they do not know the identity of the assessor. If you are approached and answer questions, please don’t reveal the name of this person to any of our coaches!