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Discover boxing with Mourad Laouichi!

Come and discover the world of English boxing with Mourad Laouichi, technical and mental coach for 25 years, with whom we share the same vision of physical and mental well-being. Like CrossFit, boxing is an ideal discipline for letting off steam, releasing everyday tensions and developing mental strength and self-confidence.

Who is Mourad Laouichi ?
Mourad has been an English boxing technical and mental coach for 25 years. Mourad has been passionate about boxing since he was a teenager, but had very little support when it came to getting into the ring. So he decided to become a coach and develop his own coaching method, Thérapie par l'action, which is accessible to everyone.

What's his philosophy?
Boxing plays a pretextual role in his life. These days, he doesn't really focus on sports training, but rather on emotional and mental well-being. He uses boxing as a means of bodily expression to help individuals, seeing it as a tool for releasing everyday tensions and expressing what cannot be said in words.

He accompanies everyone in their self-discovery and the revelation of the full potential that lies within them. For him, putting things into action is essential to this personal discovery, bringing new impetus to daily life. Adaptation is his primary value. His guidance is precise and detailed, leaving no stone unturned. He recognizes that each person is unique, with his or her own life path. That's why each coaching session represents a new development for him, enriching his expertise and personal approach.

How do boxing and CrossFit complement each other?
CrossFit and boxing complement each other harmoniously, offering a comprehensive workout that touches on several key aspects of fitness and sports performance. With its holistic approach, CrossFit improves strength, endurance, agility and speed, all essential qualities for a boxer. This improvement in overall fitness is beneficial for boxing, where increased muscular strength translates into more powerful punches and better stamina.

Cardiovascular endurance, essential in boxing to maintain high performance, is enhanced by high-intensity CrossFit training. What's more, CrossFit's varied, functional movements help develop agility and coordination, important skills for mastering boxing techniques.

Both disciplines also require strong mental resilience and intense concentration, qualities developed in both CrossFit and boxing. By combining these two activities, athletes benefit from a complete workout that improves both their boxing performance and their overall physical condition.

How does a Mourad-style boxing class work?
First and foremost, Mourad will help the group to relax, so that you can start the session calmly and don't exhaust all your energy too quickly. As a warm-up, he'll play coordination and interaction games in pairs to help you get your bearings, in a fun atmosphere.

Then it's time to put on your boxing gloves, to which you'll quickly become Addicted (smile). First, you'll learn a few basic techniques by hitting the coach's targets, with the aim of letting go and letting your body express itself in its own way. You'll see, we all have good natural reflexes, we just need to wake them up!

Why support the Mois Sans Tabac initiative and choose our CrossFit box for your dates in Geneva?
We're already active and present in the private accompaniment of people affected by addictions. Becoming a partner of Mois-sans-Tabac enables us to support a broad population in search of sporting activity during the process of quitting smoking.

At Crossfit GVA, we have the ideal space and equipment to practice and develop a wide range of workshops around boxing. What's more, inclusion, commitment and adaptation are values we share. That's why we wanted to bring the experience to your premises.

Any message you'd like to pass on to CrossFit GVA members?
You've probably already imagined putting on a pair of gloves to let off steam, but it's hard to get through the door of a boxing gym? Well, that's normal! Come and experience adapted boxing with us in a caring, safe and fun environment. A unique approach, specially developed for emotional well-being and accessibility for all.

Discover boxing at CrossFit GVA 🥊

We're offering a session reserved for CrossFit GVA members with Mourad on Tuesday 28.11 from 11am to 12pm at GVA. 💸 Price: 25.-/course 📲 Registration: elsa@crossfitgva.com.

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