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Qualicert: insurance reimbursement

CrossFit GVA is now certified by Qualicert Switzerland. This means that, on the basis of your complementary insurance, you can obtain a financial contribution towards your monthly or annual subscription. (...)

Our Purpose, Values and Principles

CrossFit GVA was created in 2011 with a very clear objective: to have a significant impact on the lives of its members by making them fitter, stronger and healthier, capable of meeting all the physical challenges of daily life (...)

Rental of a fully-equipped treatment room

After the effort, the comfort! Massage, reflexology, physiotherapy, sophrology, acupuncture, osteopathy... Offer your expertise to our members and your customers in a bright, specially designed space in the heart of the city. You'll have access to a community of over 600 Crossfitters interested in treatments that complement their sporting activities. Monday to Sunday, from morning to [...].

Visiting our region? Come and drop in at one of our two venues

CHF 30 / drop-in or CHF 40 with a box tshirt