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Interview with Charlie

Most of you know Charlie as a member and coach at CrossFit GVA, but what you may not know is just how far she's come. Charlie recently told us the main reason she started CrossFit. When did you start CrossFit? I was about to have my first [...].

Coach Corner August

I'm sure you've noticed a few changes at rue de Lyon over the last few days. We've done a major clean-up to try and optimize the cubicle and create a more functional space for everyone. I have to admit that cleanliness and rules were not on my list of priorities.

Coach Corner June

We're introducing a new section to our blog, "Coach Corner". It'll be a little insight into what's going on behind the scenes at CrossFit GVA, the topics we're discussing and the projects we're working on. To inaugurate this section, let's talk about a recurring topic every June / July / August [...].

Evaluation of our coaches

One of our main objectives as a Box is to provide all our members with the tools to improve their physical condition. For the vast majority of us, working out is fun and an integral part of our lives. But it's even more rewarding if you can continue to improve in measurable ways. This is [...]

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