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Discover boxing with Mourad Laouichi!

Discover the world of English boxing with Mourad Laouichi, coach for 25 years. Like CrossFit, boxing is an ideal discipline for letting off steam, releasing everyday tensions, developing your mental (...)

Fitness trackers explode!

In recent years, the use of wearable fitness devices has exploded, especially watches. But are they really useful, and how can you use them to improve your health and fitness? (...)

Programming: a controversial subject!

Programming is a tricky subject, and people often have very strong ideas about what they consider to be good programming, as opposed to bad. In reality, there is no such thing as bad programming. (...)

Training pyramid: go from level 1 to 4.

I've made a lot of observations about who's most successful at training versus who's not. I've come up with a kind of training pyramid that I'd like to share with you. (...)

Association insieme-Geneva

Inclusion is a very important value for CrossFit GVA. Today, we're talking about an association we've been supporting for several years: insieme-Geneva, which is committed to helping people with disabilities (...)

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