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Coach Corner August

I'm sure you've noticed a few changes at rue de Lyon over the last few days. We've done a major clean-up to try and optimize the cubicle and create a more functional space for everyone. I have to admit that cleanliness and rules weren't on my list of priorities when I opened. I was mainly focused on creating an ideal place to work out in a warm and stimulating atmosphere. Like everyone else, I wanted a place where I could enjoy spending a large part of my time.

At first it was okay, but it took me a long time to realize that it wasn't enough. What was important to me might not be important to my coaches or members. Of course, we'll never be perfect, but we want to do our best to create a space that feels like home.

This brings me back to rue de Lyon and the new changes. This is not my work, but the work of our latest recruit, Elsa Gonzalez. Many of you have already known her for a long time as a member of the box. She's now working as Community and Business Manager. As well as looking after the logistics and optimization of the different spaces, Elsa has also set up a way for you to express yourself and send us your comments via feedback@crossfitgva.com. She manages our social networks and has added a few (feminine) touches to the GVA and 1227 changing rooms.

Now that we have a better-organized space, we need to keep it that way! We'll be sending out regular reminders about some of our ground rules to make sure this new organization works well for everyone. We don't have many of them, and that's by design, but that's why the following few points are worth sticking to:

- Please make sure to replace your equipment after each use.
- If you are unable to attend a class, please cancel your reservation.
- We have dedicated spaces available for open gym. Please do not come during our busiest hours (18-19:30), this is not fair to those attending the class.
- Don't leave your clothes and towels in the changing rooms. They take up space and don't smell good either!

Jon Ingram

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