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Evaluation of our coaches

One of our main objectives as a Box is to provide all our members with the tools to improve their physical condition. For the vast majority of us, working out is fun and an integral part of our lives. But it's even more rewarding if you can continue to improve in measurable ways. It's always satisfying to achieve a new PR in a particular movement or workout.

Coaching is no different. All our coaches are motivated by their passion for fitness and the desire to share that passion with others and help them progress. And as with physical performance, as coaches we all want to work on and improve our abilities.

One aspect of this process is to regularly evaluate our performance during the courses. We're in the middle of an evaluation process with all our coaches at the moment. An external evaluatori follows the courses and writes an objective report on each coach. The idea of this program is to identify strengths and weaknesses, so that our coaches have comprehensive feedback and can develop actions to become even more effective.

The next step for our evaluator is to get feedback from our members directly. This means that in the next few days, our evaluator may ask you for your opinion on the session you've just attended. What did you like and what could be improved? Please take 5 minutes to answer all questions and be transparent and fair. Your comments will help us improve enormously!

Our coaches are, of course, informed from the outset that this evaluation process is underway, and are aware of the criteria used for the assessment. However, they do not know the identity of the assessor. If you are approached and asked questions, please do not reveal the name of this person.

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