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Yuri's nutrition plan

Do you want to learn more about nutrition and how to follow a plan? Check out the Interview below with Yuri, who has just completed 3 months of her nutrition program. In 10 weeks, Yuri lost 3.4 kg of body fat, going from 68.3 to 64.9 kg, and increased her muscle mass from 34.4 to 34.8 kg. The results are impressive, as you can see from the before-and-after photos.

But before we get to the heart of the matter, Stéphanie, nutrition coach at CrossFit GVA, gives you her opinion:

When it comes to nutritional advice, I first need to know the person's eating habits before deciding which plan will be the most suitable. With Yuri, we spent little time on this part, finding out what his favorite foods were, how often he ate or his ability to prepare food in advance. His main concern was how to continue eating with friends at restaurants or at work while dieting.

I decided first to rebalance her macro-nutrients, proteins, carbs and fats, leaving room for weekend meals! Yuri did an excellent job following the plan from start to finish. He asked questions when he wasn't sure, and his good results attest to his commitment.
Now we turn to Yuri's experience with his nutritional plan:

What motivated you to follow a nutrition plan?
I'd say out of curiosity. I started training at GVA three years ago. My physical condition improved rapidly, so I wasn't particularly interested in nutrition. Generally speaking, I ate quite healthily (chicken breasts, sweet potatoes, quinoa, etc.), thinking that was enough. Then I got the impression that I wasn't making as much progress and that my body composition was stagnating. That's why, when you launched the nutrition program, I thought it was finally an opportunity to put an end to false beliefs and learn more with the help of coaches I already knew, in a friendly and familiar environment. From a logistical point of view, I was easily able to combine the nutrition program with training, as they took place in the same place.

What did you expect before you started?
No specific expectations, but I thought it would be a much more rigorous and rigid process. At least, that was my idea of dieting in general. In fact, the program turned out to be quite flexible and Steph's support/advice was very helpful. Her attitude was positive and she was very attentive when I asked questions. The program takes into account our training level and frequency. So there was no question of eating nothing but lettuce. It really is possible to transform our bodies without necessarily taking drastic measures.

Was it difficult to put the plan in place?
To be honest, yes, because I'd never paid attention or calculated what I ate. I love to cook and the idea of having to restrict myself upset me. I thought maybe it wasn't for me. But, little by little, I got into the habit, adapting my meals, my recipes and some of my ingredients. So I didn't stop living! I continued to go out to eat or have a drink with my friends, making sure to stick to the plan as much as possible. Once you've mastered the basics, you can calmly and confidently adapt all your meals.

What changes have you noticed in your sporting performance?
I started following the plan at the same time as the Open, which wasn't ideal, but I think it had a positive impact on my performance. The plan also helped me acquire good habits, such as eating before and after training, by selecting specific foods to keep me going throughout the day.

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