Halterophilie GVA Club

Whether new to CrossFit or a grizzled veteran of the sport, nearly everyone who picks up a barbell wants to improve their weightlifting skills. Luckily we have the perfect solution for you via Halterophilie GVA. Halterophilie GVA is an independent weightlifting club led by Chris Candon. A former national level weightlifter in France, Chris created the club in 2019 and it is hosted by CrossFit GVA. Halterophilie GVA has courses for all levels of weightlifting. If you just want to learn the basics to improve your CrossFit or are looking to compete in the sport of weightlifting, Halterophilie GVA has you covered. As Halterophilie GVA is independent from CrossFit GVA, there is an additional membership fee to attend these classes. For more information contact Chris Candon at: christocandon@gmail.com