How does the Level Method work?

Our Level Method assessment period kicks off at the beginning of March and you may be wondering how it is going to work.

Each Level Method test will be part of our regular classes from Monday to Thursday. You don’t need to come to any special classes, just turn up to class as you always do.
Some of the tests will be short and take no longer than 10 minutes. Others will take an entire class. Once you have finished you will be given a piece of paper to note your results and the corresponding level according to the MAP (the large poster on the wall detailing the different colours and levels).

The process of entering your results is the same as for the CrossFit Open. You enter your results online (into the Level Method app) and it will then be approved. If you don’t yet have the app, we will be sending out an email with details on how to download and use it.

If you miss a test and want to do it, you will be able to catch up in our regular classes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Just sign up for the class as normal, and instead of doing the program for that day, you can do one of the tests.

You will probably not complete all 15 tests in the 3 week period. That is not a problem as you will get plenty of opportunity to do the rest in the future. The main goal is just to get started and even getting 5 or 6 done will get you on the path to understanding strengths and weaknesses.