Inbody Scanner

Our Inbody scanner is now available for all our members. If you are interested in understanding your body composition in details, the Inbody is a great tool. It provides users with the following information:

  • Total amount of water in the body
  • Total amount of dry muscle mass
  • Bone density
  • Body fat mass
  • Body fat percentage
  • Skeletal muscle mass
  • Bodyfat percentage
  • Visceral fat level (ie the fat found around the organs – a key factor in cardiovascular disease risk
  • Basal metabolic rate (ie how many calories you need to eat per day)
  • Recommended calorie intake


The Inbody is also able to give you a side to side breakdown in the arms and legs. This allows you to compare muscle mass and bodyfat from side to side. All in all the Inbody is a fantastic tool if you are in a fat loss or weight gain phase or you are just interested in learning more about your body composition.

You can book a scan with one of our coaches via Wodify. The first scan costs CHF 75.- and along with the scan you will get a detailed breakdown of all of the results. All subsequent scans will cost CHF 45.-. As the machine is new we are offering the first 10 scans for CHF 60.

Available times are as follows (all at the rue de Lyon):

Monday: 12h-12h30 and 18h-18h30
Tuesday: 16h-18h
Wednesday: 9h30-10h
Saturday: 10h-11h
Sunday: 11h-12h

You can find all the times in Wodify. If they do not show in the app, please make sure to select Inbody as the program from the dropdown menu.