Introducing the Level Method

The theme of athlete assessment has been on our minds for a few months now. We have mentioned in recent newsletters that it is something we have been working on and we have introduced test phases into our regular programming. It is extremely important to have a consistent gauge on how your training is going. What is getting better, what is getting worse, what is your current goal and how do all of these things fit together in creating a path towards improving.

Earlier this year, we came across a system of assessment called the Level Method which we believe will give all our athletes the answers to the above questions. We have been working with the Level Method over the past couple of months and are pleased to announce we are officially launching access to this system from the 1st October.
The Level Method consists of 15 tests which can be taken over a 3-4 week period. Each test has 23 different levels split into colours from the very beginner (white level) to Regional levels athlete (black).

Once you have finished all the tests you will receive an overall level corresponding to a colour. You will also have regular opportunities to retest in order to try to “level up”.
On Monday you will see a large visual on the wall in GVA and 1227 which explains each test and all of the different levels.

The Level Method offers you a fantastic opportunity to:

  • Give yourself a very realistic and comprehensive overview of your current fitness level
  • Motivate you to work on your weak points
  • Provide a path to improvement
  • Allow you to scale your regular workouts so they are correctly calibrated to your current fitness levels

As coaches, it provides us with a huge amount of data about all of our members which in turn allows us to tailor our programming towards specific weaknesses. We can also provide more speciality classes to help members improve their level.

So what happens next?

We already have a small group going through the testing right now. We are opening up 2 more small groups to start testing on the 1st October. One group will be at 1227 and one at GVA. The testing period will last for 1 month.

The group at 1227 will meet on Monday and Thursday at 18:30.
The group at GVA will meet on Tuesday at 19:00 and Sunday at 12:00.

These groups will be limited to 8 people each. If you would like to join please note that you will need to attend all the sessions so if you want to sign up please send an email to Sign-up will be on a first come, first served basis.
Once these groups have finished, we will open up the testing system to our entire membership base. If you have any questions, please speak to one of our coaches!