Level Method: Emma’s Interview

This March will see our biggest implementation of the Level Method, but it is not the first time we have done it. We began last year and some of our members have already been through the entire process. We caught up with one of our members (Emma) last year to get her thoughts on being one of the first people to finish the assessment period.

How did you feel before starting the level method?
Before starting the level method, I had been doing CrossFit for 12 months. It was probably a good time to do the testing as I was familiar with many movements and how to use the bars and weights. Over the 12 months I had seen improvements in my body and fitness/strength and was aware that I was increasing my weights, but I had no benchmark to use.  So now having done the testing I have the benchmark and I can’t wait to see how I can progress through the levels.

Did you have any expectations on how you would test?
I knew what my strengths were prior to testing, but as always in Crossfit, you are only as good as your weaknesses and this shows through in some tests. It also pushes you out of your comfort zone and the competition against yourself is enhanced when completing these tasks so you definitely push yourself more than in a standard class.

Are you happy with your results?
Super happy. Obviously it’s human nature to want to of gained a higher result, but given my balance of strengths and weaknesses I think it was an overall accurate report. I really enjoyed the whole process. I look forward to doing the next benchmark tests to see where I have improved.

What did you learn about your fitness?
I learnt that I rely on my strengths (fitness/endurance capacity and leg strength) a lot and need to work more on my arms/shoulder, back and core to really push me to the next level and to be able to use all of my body’s muscles together without needing to overcompensate too much for my weaknesses!

What are your training goals after having finished the level method?
I still have the desire to do a full push up and unassisted pull up. I’ve been working on this for a while now and the results are showing. So really continuing on working on my upper body strength to achieve this.

What was the hardest test or the one that you never want to repeat?
Given my upper body weaknesses, I personally found the rings, and the upper body pull/push tests to be more challenging. For me the endurance tests were a good way to pull up my overall score!