Member of the month Angéline Desbrosses

For Women’s Day on 08.03, we are happy to share with you the inspiring #CrossFitStory of Angeline Desbrosses who has been training with us since 2020. Discover her journey, her goals and what motivates her to stay with CrossFit GVA.

Angéline, can you introduce yourself in a few words ?
Hello everyone, my name is Angéline, I am part of this group of early risers who go to the box at 6:30 am. I am 33 years old, I am French and more precisely I come from Bourgogne. I arrived in Geneva 5 years ago for my job. I work as a finance and tax manager in a world leader group of electrical material distribution.

When did you start CrossFit and why?
I did my trial class just before the first lockdown, so I really started CrossFit after in 2020. I chose crossfit because I wanted a sport where I could challenge myself, where the atmosphere was more friendly than in a fitness and with a gym close to my home so I could train early in the morning.

Did you do any other sport before?
Before CrossFit I used to do fitness and when I was younger I used to play basketball and shoot guns.

What was your goal when you started? Have you reached it since?
One of my goals when I started was to get back into a fitness routine and feel good about myself. I achieved the first one but not yet the second one.

What are the ones for this year?
Finally succeed a pull up 😉

What do you particularly like about CrossFit GVA?
I particularly like the atmosphere here. Contrary to what I have experienced in a fitness center, I don’t feel judged, the ambiance is friendly and caring.

Have you gained confidence since you started CrossFit? Do you feel better in your body, have you developed your mind?
I have gained confidence in what I am capable of doing, CrossFit has allowed me to go beyond some of my limits. I do feel better in my body even though I still need to work on it.

What’s the most memorable thing you’ve experienced at the box that you’d like to share?
The team WOD in July was the first time I participated in this type of event and I really appreciated the solidarity and the encouragement of everyone to not give up.

You signed up for your first Open this year. What made you decide to do it? How did the 22.1 go?
I signed up for the Open to challenge myself and evaluate my level. Being a competitor, I know that I will give it my best shot. Concerning the 22.1, how can I say, I saw the ground very close on several occasions 😉 I tried the RX which showed me (not without difficulties) that I could pass some wall walks despite the numerous no reps! It was hard, my result was not great, but I’m happy to have reached my goal.

What would you say to someone who is hesitant to start CrossFit for fear of getting injured or not having the level?
One of the advantages of crossfit when you are a beginner is that you are not limited, the movements can be adapted to each person so you can easily see the progress and you don’t feel frustrated, so come try!