New Classes

We have added quite a few new classes to our program in recent weeks. In case you missed anything here is an overview of the new additions to our schedule.

Morning WOD
We now have morning classes from Monday to Friday at 6h45 at CrossFit GVA 1227.

For those of you who need to work on your mobility, we have 3 new classes running at CrossFit GVA and CrossFit GVA 1227. Every Saturday morning you can do 1 hour of yoga at 11h with Julie Guerin at CrossFit GVA 1227. At CrossFit GVA, Audrey Gordon is running a stretching class every other week on Sunday morning at 11h and Wednesday evening at 20h. We also have a regular Tuesday evening mobility class at 19h00 run by Tristan.

Our rowing coach Claire McFarlane is back in town and running regular rowing classes. You can book a class with Claire on Thursday lunchtime at 12h30 at the rue de Lyon or Thursday evening at 20h at CrossFit GVA 1227.

CrossFit 101
Our CrossFit 101 class has undergone a name change. The 101 class is a smaller setting, ideal for those who are new to CrossFit and need to focus on technique and the movements are adapted. This is still very much the case, although now we have simply changed the name to CrossFit WOD in line with the rest of our classes. You can attend this class from Monday to Friday at 18h00 at CrossFIt GVA and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 14h00 at CrossFit GVA 1227.

Halterophilie GVA
Halterophilie GVA is an independent weightlifting club hosted by CrossFit GVA. Halterophilie GVA runs courses for all levels of weightlifting from beginner to the aspiring competitor. Classes are not included in the CrossFit GVA membership, but all our members benefit from a discounted rate. You can attend classes on Tuesday at 19h at CrossFit GVA and Thursday at 18h30 at CrossFit GVA 1227. For more information please contact Chris Candon at