Introducing Our Nutrition Coach

By Stephanie Deidda

I guess most people know that I come from Sardinia, a beautiful island in the middle of the Med. In Italy food is life! We eat, eat and eat some more. Someone is happy? We eat. Someone is sad? We eat. A wedding? We eat. Someone passed? We eat! Nothing is happening? We eat! So I grew up eating, a lot. But then life goes on, and you grow up and what you eat starts to attach itself to parts of your body that shouldn’t grow that much if you always dreamed of being a skinny person (me).

So I started to find ways to become that skinny girl that I always wanted to be. I always did lots of sports, so I started exercising more and more, but nothing! Still not skinny. Then, I went through some bad times, where I stopped eating and if I ate a piece of lettuce I would purge immediately and so on. I could go without eating easily for days. But eventually I would give in and I would eat something and the guilt would start again. It was a vicious circle. Little did I know of the damage I was doing to myself. Years went by, and they were always tinted by my fear of food. Until I found CrossFit. I started, and I was useless. And then I started going twice a day.  I started eating to be able to keep up with the wod loads. Trying to forgive myself for sinning (eating after CF).

I went through all the stages that every girl goes through when starting CF:

I need to eat more to fuel my wod and be awesome.
I need to go Paleo.
I need to do keto.
I need to buy all that gear to ace my wods.
I need to and CAN eat more so I can get muscles.
I need to be stronger.
I need to eat something now.
I need to do a pull up and my life will be sorted.
I can do a pull up now, so I need to deadlift 25 times my body weight .
F*** ! I need to lose weight or I will never DL 25 times my BW.
F*** ! I need to stop eating.
F*** ! I should have stopped eating 6 months ago.
F*** ! I am fat.
F*** ! I am like a man.
F*** ! I am bulky and butch.

And then… Lightbulb moment. Maybe if I get my nutrition and my fucked up thoughts in gear, things will just adjust and balance will be restored? And so my journey in nutrition began. I started reading every piece of information or book I could get my hands on and I started experimenting on myself. I went down and back up in weight, a few times and then I found my balance. My attitude toward food, didn’t change overnight. I had to work on myself. The first thing I did though, was stopping to look at my body and seeing just the “fat parts”. Instead, I started looking at what my body could do for me! And I started eating with a new mindfulness. My own food demons got replaced by balance and consistency. If there’s will, there’s a way.

I now completed quite few nutrition courses, and just recently I got certified as a PN Level 1 in Exercise Nutrition. Also I certified with Healthy Steps Nutrition. Getting a deep understanding of nutrition, macronutrients and energy balance has given me the opportunity, not only to lose weight but to fuel my workouts and perform to the max of my abilities! It has changed my life! Food doesn’t scare me anymore. It has become a tool.

If you have ever felt that you wanted to do more or push harder during a wod or if you are not completely satisfied with your appearance , or simply you want to give structure to your eating plan, I am here to help you achieve your goals! I’ve been on the other side and tackled many situations. So now I’m ready to motivate the crap out of you and help you achieve your goals!!! Invest in yourself. Invest in your body. The rewards will be immense and 6 months from now, you’ll have a new set of habits and a stronger and fitter body.

Start your journey to a better you. Now!