If you start CrossFit it means you have made a conscious decision to improve your physical fitness and health. But what about nutrition? There is no doubt that nutrition is a piece of this puzzle, particularly when it comes to heath and body composition. If you want to change your body composition, gain muscle, lose fat or both, you will need to have a proper understanding of nutrition and a good plan.


Nutrition Course

The goal of our nutrition course is to teach the basics of how to set up a nutrition plan with a focus on body composition. Most people want to either lose fat, build muscle, gain weight or just maintain their current body composition. All of these things are possible with an understanding of nutrition and a simple plan.

The course starts off with a one-on-one meeting with a coach and an inBody scan. You will then be provided with an individualised nutrition plan based on your current body composition.


For the next 6 weeks you will have daily contact with your coach to help you to understand your plan, build daily habits to help execute your plan and make any adjustments necessary. You will be able to check in with your coach any time during the course and at the end you will finish with a final one-on-one meeting and another scan to check your progress.


What’s included:

👉 2 one-on-one meetings
👉 2 inBody scans
👉 1 personal nutrition plan

The price is:

CHF 150

Are you motivated ? If yes, please send us an email: and we will give you all the details.


Find out your exact body composition including your level of skeletal muscle mass, body fat percentage, metabolic rate, total body water, body mass index and an analysis of your muscle mass and body fat between the upper and lower body and limb to limb.

The price of the scan is:

CHF 20
CHF 30

To sign up for a scan, please send an email to



In 10 weeks Yuri dropped 3.4 kilos of body fat.

In 10 weeks Yuri dropped 3.4 kilos of body fat