Our Purpose, Values and Principles

CrossFit GVA was established in 2011 with a very clear mission statement: To have a measurable impact on the lives of our members, making them fitter, stronger and healthier human beings able to take on any physical challenge life throws at them. In practice, that means that we want to help you to get fitter! Our values and mission statement are inextricably linked. 


Our coaches are all passionate about fitness and the impact it has on our lives. We want to inspire that same passion in our members.


We help our members to get fitter through education. Yes we want to motivate you to train hard, but we want to teach you how to train hard first. That means teaching the basics of proper movement and learning the correct progressions that will stand you in good stead for a lifetime of fitness.


We believe strongly in what we do and we think its important, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Training should have a positive impact on your life, but it also has to be fun, enjoyable and rewarding.

Inclusivity and Community

Everyone is welcome at CrossFit GVA regardless of nationality, background or level of fitness. Our community thrives through its shared passion for fitness.


CrossFit GVA was the first CrossFit gym to open in Geneva. We aim to keep that level of innovation through the continual development of our model for the benefit of our members.

What can you expect from CrossFit GVA?

You can expect us to provide you with the tools you need to improve your fitness. That means more than just working hard and exercising, it means taking the time to understand the hows and whys of training. We want to teach you the basics of fitness and give you a foundation of movement that will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life.

You can expect us to give you individual attention in a group class. You may be training with other people, many of whom have a different level of fitness than you. However, your coach will provide you with the correct program for you as an individual, as well as the feedback and cues that will help you to execute those movements properly.

You can expect to train in an atmosphere that inspires hard work and progress but is also fun and convivial.

What we expect from you?

We expect you to come with an attitude that is open to learning and progressing. More than anything we want to help you to improve your fitness. Our coaches are all experienced and knowledgeable. Pay attention to what they say and let them do their job!

We do NOT expect you to come with a good level of fitness! We understand that starting CrossFit can be intimidating, but many people think that you have to be fit already to start with us. This is not true, on the contrary, we welcome all levels. If you have never done any training before or if you are out of shape, that does not matter! In fact, we would argue that it is even more important that you start with some kind of physical activity. Our mission is to help you get better and that has no bearing on your starting point.

We expect you to leave your ego at the door. That is easier said than done, but if you have never done CrossFit before you are a beginner. Even if you have a good level of fitness, you are a beginner in CrossFit. That means taking an approach that is open to learning, even if that means you need to take a step back. Trust us in that this will help you to make more progress than you could ever imagine.