The 2019 CrossFit Open Awards

The 2019 CrossFit Open is now in the books and its time to hand out some awards to the most notable performances from the CrossFit GVA community.

First up a few shoutouts. Everyone who managed to complete all 5 workouts should give themselves a pat on the back. That is no mean feat and of the 102 athletes who signed up at CrossFit GVA, around 60% of people completed and submitted scores for each workout.

The following people deserve a mention. They are not award winners but they did produce some outstanding and/or memorable performances.

Tristan had a great individual Open finishing in 10th place overall in Switzerland.

Once you have a decent level of performance, getting better is very difficult. Mary, however, gets better every year. She upped her 23rd place in Switzerland last year to 12th this year.

Alberto was our rookie of the year in 2018. He continues his rise up the leaderboard going from 188th in Switzerland last year to 46th this year.

In terms of longevity, a special shoutout goes to Ewen who in 2019 competed in his 7th consecutive Open!

And on to our awards, which are in the following categories:

  • Most Improved Athlete
  • Best Rookie Performance
  • Spirit of the Games
  • Best Single Performance
  • Best Newcomer
  • Best Overall Performance


The best Rookie performance goes to somebody who may not seem like a rookie to those who have seen him train, but in fact participated in his first ever Open in 2019. Lucas Min put together 5 outstanding performances to finish 2nd overall on the CrossFit GVA leaderboard. His overall worldwide position was a very impressive 5,820 from over 185,000 total participants. Well done Lucas!

There were many candidates for Most Improved Athlete, so we decided to award 1 male and 1 female in this category.

First up for women is Sarah de Farias. She impressed everyone with her performance in 19.4 where she banged out 10 very well executed muscle ups. But she also managed to climb the leaderboard in Switzerland from 368th position in 2018 to 125th place in 2019.

On the men’s side the award goes to Arnaud Talidec. Arnaud was super consistent in each workout and finished in 7th place in the CrossFit GVA leaderboard. Overall in Switzerland he upped his position from 308 in 2018 to 156 in 2019.

Well done Sarah and Arnaud!


As with Most Improved, there were many candidates for the Best Newcomer award. This is where we give a special mention to the CrossFit 101 group that trains with Charlie at 1227. Charlie has done an outstanding job motivating her group and they all signed up and participated in the 2019 Open together. The Best Newcomer goes to Rafa Guzman, whose motivation and continual improvement were an inspiration to everyone. Well done Rafa!

Best Individual Performance is another one where we could have multiple winners. The Open can go a lot of ways for athletes. Some are inspired to reach heights they never thought possible, while others can go the other direction and get crushed under the weigh of their own expectation. In 2019 we are giving this award to somebody who reached somewhere he did not think possible, but also for his overall contribution during the competition. David Ferreira no doubt exceeded his own expectations with his first bar muscle up in 19.4. He went on to finish with 7 in the workout. But David also gave up his time every week to help with organisation and judging and that’s why he tipped the balance to win Best Individual Performance. Well done David!

The Spirit of the Games can be a subjective award. In 2019 it is pretty easy to hand this one out and it actually goes to 2 people. As we said already, the Open is a grind. Just finishing all 5 workouts is tough. Imagine trying to do 5 workouts carrying a backpack, or in this case, another human inside you?!?

Sam and Valentina are our Spirit of the Games winners for completing the 2019 while several months pregnant. They never complained about the workouts or made excuses. They just got on with it and finished all 5 workouts. Well done Sam and Valentina.


We are finishing off with our Best Overall Performance. This award does not necessarily go to the person with the best individual finish, but this year it does. This athlete has been recognised by us before, but its just impossible to ignore the string of performances that she puts together every year.

In fact Asa won this award in 2018, but we just could not overlook her again in 2019. She finished 2nd in Switzerland in her category, the best performance of anyone at the gym. Asa continues to train hard, train smart, train consistently and keep getting better.


Well done Asa!