Weekly Program


As with last week, Monday will be the first of our level method tests and it’s a tough one – squat endurance.

This test is based on the back squat, more specifically a single set of 20 unbroken reps in the back squat. The set of back squats must be done with a percentage of bodyweight, starting at 80% for women and 90% for men.

If you cannot manage the back squat, you can do the test with a single leg squat. Please see the video below for how this should be done.

Monday’s metcon is a not a Level Method test and consists of:

  • 400m run
  • 20 pull ups
  • 400m run
  • 20 handstand push ups
  • 400m run


8 minute timecap


Tuesday’s test shifts to work on the rings and a very tough 10 minute EMOM of kettlebell swings or snatches.

There are a wide variety of options for the ring test. This starts out with a support position on the rings, negative ring dips, ring dips, weighted ring dips, strict muscle ups, kipping muscle ups.

Take a look at the video below to see the different variations.

The kettlebell test is built around a 10 minute EMOM. However, there are different movements based on the level. This starts out with Russian kettlebell swings, then moves to single arm kettlebell swings and finally the kettlebell snatch.

The key point for each level is that you must stick to a set number of swings/snatches each minute. If you cannot maintain the required number of reps for the whole 10 minutes, the test is not completed.


We move back to our regular program on Wednesday with the deadlift.

The rep ranges move this week to 3-3-2-2-2. Make sure to use your numbers from last week to dictate this week’s loading.

This will be followed by some bodybuilding work in the form of a 12 minute AMRAP of ring rows, flyes, bent rows and tricep extensions.

To finish, we have metcon consisting of 120 kettlebell swings. Every time you break the set, you must perform 7 handstand push ups.


Next up for the Level Method is rowing and mobility.

The mobility test starts out with a hold in the bottom of  a squat. This should be done in a relaxed position as opposed to a strict bottom of the squat and lifting shoes are not allowed. Please see the picture below for the difference between the two positions.

The next mobility test is a set of overhead squats against the wall with either a wooden stick or a barbell.

The row is a very simple test – 20 minutes for distance.

Strategy and pacing will be vital in this test and you must use the monitor on the rower to guide what you are doing.

Take a look at the picture below of a rowing monitor. The key data are the stroke rate (top right), 500m split and projected finish.

Your stroke rate should be between 20-25. If you go higher than this you risk burning out. Your projected finish tells you how far you will go based on your current speed. If you want to do ??m you can just try to maintain this pace.

As a general rule you should start out easily with a relatively conservative goal. Stick to your goal for the first 10 minutes and then see how you feel. If you feel good you can increase your pace. If not try to hold your pace. However, you need to avoid starting out too quickly and flaming out before the end!


Our Friday program moves back to the power clean and push jerk with a 14 minute EMOM.

The power clean and push jerk progresses from last week to a 12 minute EMOM.

Friday’s metcon is 3 rounds of:

  • 4 box jumps
  • 6 handstand push ups
  • 10 dumbbell snatches


Rest 2 minutes after the 3 rounds and repeat 3 more times with a timecap of 16 minutes.




Level Method

The Level Method will be part of the March programming, if you’re not sure how it works, check out the article here.


Teams of Two Competition

Our first competition of the year for the Crossfit GVA community will take place on March 15th at 1227. It will be in teams of two, 100% female, male or mixed. More info here.



The coronavirus is on all our minds at the moment with all the recent worldwide developments. There is no need to panic but its prudent to take measures to protect ourselves.

Based on the WHO recommendations we should all observe the following:

👉 Make sure to wash your hands with soap regularly. A good rule of thumb is before and after each workout
👉Please wipe down your equipment after use
👉Where possible don’t share equipment, but take your own bar, kettlebell, dumbbell etc
👉Keep your shirts on while training
👉No high fives or fist bump
👉Don’t leave any used tissues around. Put them straight in the bin

We are taking the additional precaution of increasing our cleaning service at the gym during this period. We are also going to put out more disinfectant and paper towels so you can clean your equipment easily.