Weekly Program

Monday’s program, which is focused on general preparation will continue through the next cycle. The movements stay the same as last week and the goal is simply to add 1-2 more reps that you did last time.

Here are the movements and the overall plan:


  • 6-12 pistols
  • 8-12 floor presses
  • 8-12 ring rows
    Rest 4 minutes


  • 6-12 rear foot elevated split squats
  • 8-12 glute bridge dumbbell presses
  • 8-12 pull ups
    Rest 4 minutes


  • 8-12 lunges
  • 10-20 face pulls
  • 10-20 tricep pushdowns


Last Tuesday we worked on drills for toes to bar. This will continue this week but in the form of an EMOM of 9 minutes of either toes to bar or kipping plus knee raises. Please remember that when you do these EMOM workouts, the sets must be sub maximal. That means if the max number of toes to bar you can do is 10, you will need to do 5-6 reps per set. This ensures you can keep going for 9 minutes, building technique and consistency. If you try to do 10 reps in the 2 minutes, that will become completely unsustainable and all you will be building after 5 minutes is missed reps and failure!
The kip swing is a foundational movement in CrossFIt and used in pull ups, toes to bar and muscle ups. It can be hard to master when you start CrossFit and beginners don’t always get the chance to practice much in class. The kip swing is built around the hollow body and superman positions, also foundational to CrossFit. Check out the video below to see a very simple drill which can help you understand these positions and quickly master the kip swing.

As last week Tuesday’s metcon will be focused on a cardio style team workout.

Its back to the power clean and jerk on Wednesday, this time though the EMOM continues to 12 minutes. We talked last week about the transition from the bar from the clean to the jerk and how the grip changes. Have a look at the video below for a more illustrative description.

The metcon will be a 14 minute AMRAP of:

  • Overhead squats
  • over the bar burpees
  • Pull ups


The front squat increases in volume from last week going from 4 sets to 5 sets. The tempo stays the same, as should the weight from last week. Please remember that in this format, all 5 sets should be performed at the same weight. We talked about the rack position with regards to the clean and jerk for Tuesday. A common question we get is how should the bar be racked in the front squat, with hands closed or open? The answer depends your mobility. If you have flexible shoulders, a closed hand position works very well as it really fixes the bar in place. However, if you struggle with closed hands, it will be death on your wrists and an open hand position is going to be much more comfortable. Take a look at the picture below to see the difference between open hands (on the right) and closed (on the left). Have an experiment with both positions and see what works for you.

Thursday’s metcon will be 6 rounds of:

  • 10 push ups
  • 10 power cleans
  • 10 lunges
  • 10 burpees

Friday’s mega cardio session continues in a similar vein to last week. However, this time the AMRAP increases to 9 minutes and we have the following movements and rep schemes:

In 9 minutes 6 rounds:

  • 15 wall balls
  • 8 pull ups
  • Then max run in the remaining time
    Rest 4 minutes


    AMRAP 9 minutes:

  • Bear complex (7 rounds of 1 power clean, 1 front squat, 1 push press, 1 back squat, 1 push press)
  • 35 double unders
  • 4 chest to bar pull ups
    Rest 4 minutes


AMRAP 9 minutes:

  • 1km run
  • 60 wall balls

01.12.19: 24 Hr Murph Challenge for Operation Bobbi Bear

Many of you know Peter Koopmans as a former member of CrossFit GVA. Peter is running a non profit CrossFit affiliate at the UN. On December 1st Peter is undertaking a 24 hour Murph Challenge to raise money for Operation Bobbi Bear, a human rights organisation which helps sexually abused children in South Africa.
First of all, Peter is a complete badass for even attempting this. He wants to try to do 15 Murphs in 24 hours. 15!!! As a quick refresher for those of you who are not familiar with Murph. Its considered to be one of the toughest CrossFit workouts and consists of a 1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats and a 1 mile run. All while wearing a weighted vest. Did I mention he wants to do this 15 times in 24 hours?!?
Second of all he is looking for support from the CrossFit community. There are two ways you can do this. One (and probably the most important) is to donate money to the cause which you can do at the link in this post. You can sign up to do a Murph with Peter on December 1st. All the information is on this link: https://www.unaidsfitness.org/1-december-24-hours-murph-challenge/

12.12.19: Escalade WOD
As is the Genevoise tradition for the 12th December, at the end of each class the youngest and oldest participants will break the small chocolate “marmite” while shouting out “Ainsi périrent les ennemis de la République.”

21.12.19: Christmas Party
Save the date! Our Christmas party will take place on Saturday, December 21 at the HDiner in the Harley Davidson building in Acacias. More information coming soon.