What is the Level Method?

We have talked a lot recently about the Level Method and that it will form a major part of our programming in March. You may not all be familiar with the Level Method so here is an overview of the Level Method system.

Simply put, the Level Method is an innovative system to measure and assess fitness levels and progression.

The Level Method is based on the Method of Athletic Progression (or MAP), which is a series of assessments designed to measure and promote fitness levels.

At CrossFit GVA, you have probably seen the MAP on the walls in the box. The MAP consists of a total of 15 tests. Each test is divided up into colours which correspond to levels. This is the same system used in sports like judo or Brazilian jujitsu to gauge progress.

The first level is white and goes up to black. These levels are attainable for anybody who is willing to put in the time and effort in their training to get better. There is a further red level which is a great target for those of you who want to compete in CrossFit.

The tests are extremely varied and cover everything from absolute strength (max deadlift), flexibility, endurance (running and rowing), neurological movement (double unders), bodyweight strength (push ups and pull ups) and weightlifting.

Completing these assessments will provide you with a fantastic overview of your current fitness level as well as a path towards improvement.