Why the Level Method?

March will kick off our assessment period with 3 weeks of work on the Level Method. This is something relatively new for us and we get a lot of questions as to why we are doing it.

The primary reason is that that the Level Method perfectly lines up with our mission statement of wanting to have a measurable impact on our members’ fitness and inspiring a passion for understanding fitness and how to train for a lifetime of progression.

Assessing fitness levels is vital to progression, keeping motivation up through the hard times and avoiding injury. This is true for athletes of all abilities and experience. The Level Method was created for just this purpose and is as relevant for somebody who struggles to complete 10 air squats to somebody that can easily string together 40 pull-ups.

The beauty of CrossFit is that its varied and interesting. At the start progress is quick and it seems like every time you touch a barbell or do a named workout, you nail a PR. But that soon dries up and times get harder. You start to get frustrated and avoid certain movements or workouts. The typical thought pattern is something like “I definitely need to improve my deadlift and squat, but my mobility is holding me back so I need to work on that. Gymnastics movements are a disaster and as for double unders….”.

Its easy to get bogged down in this thought process and overwhelmed with everything. The Level Method provides clarity. It gives an honest overview of strengths and weaknesses and from there its much easier to identify what to work on to give the biggest overall improvements to your fitness levels.

The Level Method not only provides a path to improvement but a history of progression. We talk a lot about how important it is to track training sessions. The Level Method lets you look back and see where you started and where you are now. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing that a few months ago you could deadlift 100kgs and now you are up to 140kgs. This can be especially helpful during the dark times when progress is hard to come by!

The Level Method also helps to crystallise the understanding that getting fitter is not about being on top of the leaderboard. A successful fitness journey is personal and based on constantly moving forwards regardless of where you started.