Yuri’s nutrition plan

Interested in learning more about nutrition and putting a plan into action? Check out the the interview below with our Head Nutrition Coach Stephanie and Yuri who has just finished a 3 month program.  In 10 weeks Yuri dropped 3.4 kilos of body fat from 68.3 to 64.9kgs, while slightly increasing his lean muscle mass from 34.4 to 34.8kgs. Visually, the results speak for themselves as you can see from the pictures.

Before we get to our interview with Yuri, here is a quick description from Stephanie of Yuri’s plan:

As for anyone that comes in for nutrition advice, I like to get to know the eating habits of the person before deciding which nutrition plan to give. With Yuri we spend a little time talking about his habits and his preferred foods and how often he eats out and his ability to prepare meals in advance.

His main concern was actually how to be able to still eat out with his friends or when he was at work. I decided to rebalance his macronutrients , so his proteins carbohydrates and fats, leaving room for weekends meals out! Yuri did a great job following the plan and asking questions when he was unsure! His results confirm his dedication!

Stephanie Deidda
CrossFit GVA Head Nutrition Coach

Below you can hear directly from Yuri about his experience with the nutrition plan:

What motivated you to start a nutrition plan?
I’d say it was curiosity. I started in GVA three years ago and felt like I made good progress in my fitness, but nutrition was always a bit of an esoteric territory for me. I was trying to eat healthy foods in general (chicken breasts, sweet potatoes, quinoa, you name it), but felt like I’d reached a wall in terms of my body composition. So when you announced that you’d start the program, I thought it would be a good opportunity to finally debunk those myths and learn more, with the help of coaches and peers that I already knew, and in an environment that was friendly and familiar. Going to the box is already a habit of mine, so combing the two was very practical.

What did you expect before you started?
I had no idea of what the specifics would be really, but I thought that it’d be a much more rigorous and rigid process. Before, that was my general idea of a diet. In fact, it turned out to be more flexible that I had imagined – and the support and guidance of Steph were very helpful. Her attitude is very positive, and she was always very attentive when I had questions. I also feel that as this programme is carried out in the box, it takes into consideration how we exercise. So there was no talk of lettuce and water. There is a real concern in building up our bodies in a healthy way, without drastic measures.

Was it hard to implement the plan?
To be honest, it was quite hard at first, as I had no habit of tracking what I ate. I love eating and cooking, so the thought of having any checks and balances annoyed me. I felt that perhaps it was not for me. But gradually I got into the habit, adapted my meals, recipes, and some of my go-to ingredients. I also did not stop going out for meals or drinks with my friends, eating out when I travelled, or getting a treat on a Friday night. I just made sure that it made sense within the broad lines that the plan suggested. Once you get the gist of it, you feel more in control, and that helps carrying it out.

Was your performance affected (either positively or negatively) by the weight loss?
This was one of my concerns, as I was doing the plan while also doing the Open. But I think that it has helped increase my body awareness, and consequently had a positive impact on my performance. The plan also helped me pick up some good habits in terms of making sure I had a pre- and post- workout snack, and to eat foods that could fuel me throughout the day.

What do you plan to do nutrition-wise going forwards?
This experience has helped me recalibrate the way I eat, and that’s my greatest takeaway from all this. This showed me was that having a nutrition plan is not synonymous with deprivation, that I can enjoy food, socialize, and still eat in a way that makes sense for my body.

Are you interested in following a personalised nutrition program with CrossFit GVA? Send an email to nutrition@crossfitgva.com to set up your first appointment.