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The Workout of the Day is the basis of the CrossFit program. It consists of working on your strength and technique before finishing off with cardio with a metcon (metabolic conditioning) whose duration and intensity vary each day.


Skills allow you to work on the technique of certain movements that can get in the way of your training, such as double-unders, wall balls, kettlebell swings, rowing machines...

Barbell Club

The Barbell Club is a course designed to work on all weightlifting movements to improve your technique and explosiveness.


The Conditioning class is for you if you think your cardio is a drag on your workouts and could use some extra practice.


Gymnastics will enable you to work with bodyweight and improve movements such as Pull Ups, dips, Muscle-Ups, Pistols, Handstand Push Ups...

Kids & Teens

Keep your child busy on Wednesday afternoons in the best possible way by enrolling them in a CrossFit Kids (ages 3 to 9) or Teens (ages 10 to 17) class run by one of our certified coaches.

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